Amazon offers a free Relational Database Service tier

by Alexander WeiƟ

Amazon offers many different free usage tiers. Now another tier has been added: Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

Today Amazon announced a new free service offering. Now you can use the Relational Database Service for free. As all the other free usage tiers the offering has some limits: You can use the service up to 750 hours per month, create 10 million I/O operations and use 20 GB of hard disk space and the same amount of backup space. Amazon offers three different databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. For the first two Amazon takes care of the licencing, for Oracle you have to bring your own licence. However, the service isn’t availablle for free forever. After one year you have to pay for using Amazon RDS.

picture of free Amazon Relational Database Service usage tier website

Amazon free Relational Database Service usage tier website

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