Manage your AWS Marketplace software subscriptions

by Alexander Weiß

In my last post I wrote about how to subscribe to AWS Marketplace products. In this post I’m going to explain how to manage these software subscriptions. I’ll also write about some usability issues which I stumbled over while managing my subscriptions.

When I first tried to manage my software subscriptions I intuitionally navigated to the AWS “My Account” site. But I didn’t find any option to view or cancel my subscriptions. After a web search I found out, that I have to go to the AWS Marketplace “My Account” site to manage my subscriptions. For me, this is a bit confusing but before I’m going to start a rant, I’ll suggest we’ll focus on the AWS Marketplace “My Account” site. When you open the site you’ll see the following screen:

AWS Marketplace "Your Account" site

AWS Marketplace “Your Account” site

The “Your Account” webpage consists of two columns. On the left side is the “Account Activity” column and on the right side you can find the “Your Software” column. It is a bit odd, that the links under “Account Activity” forward you to the AWS account site and only the links under “Your Software” provide Marketplace specific functionality. As I don’t want to write about the AWS “My Account” page here, I’ll just explain the “Your Software” column. There are two menu items: “Manage your software subscriptions” and “Manage your product reviews”. The last one is of no interest at the moment, because it is used to manage your product reviews. If you follow the first link, a site will open where all of your software subscriptions are listed.

AWS Marketplace manage software subscriptions

Under the “Product” column every product you have subscribed to is listed. The available management options are to launch a new preconfigured instance, open the seller profile, get installation instructions and cancel the subscription. If you click on the “Run a new instance” link the purchase window, you are accustomed to from the first time you subscribed to the software, is opened again. The other three links are pretty self-explanatory. Under the column “Instances” you’ll find a link to the instance in the Amazon EC2 Management Console and a link to the software you have subscribed to.

Cancel a server-based product in AWS Marketplace

To cancel your subscription you have to open the AWS Marketplace “Your Account” website. You can’t perform this action from your AWS account site. There are two steps you have to do to cancel the software subscription:

  1. You have to terminate every instance that is connected to the subscription. The easiest way to figure out which instance is connected to the subscription is to use the link to the instance in the AWS Marketplace “Your Software Subscriptions” site.
  2. You have to cancel the software subscription. The link for cancelation is also available in the “Your Account” site, this time under the “Product” column.
AWS Marketplace cancel subscriptions

AWS Marketplace cancel subscriptions

Billing information

To access the billing information you have to go to your AWS “My Account” site and open the menu item “Account Activity”.  Here you’ll find a summary of the estimated total costs of the software you have subscribed to. If you expand the “Details” view you have a separate section for “AWS Marketplace Charges”. In this section there are only the costs listed which accumulate for the software. The costs for running the instances on which the software is installed are displayed in the section “AWS Service Charges”. So calculating the total costs of your software subscription can be a bit tedious especially if you have other instances which are not used for the software subscription, because the instances will be mixed up.

AWS Marketplace billing

AWS Marketplace billing

I really like the whole AWS Marketplace concept and I think it is implemented very well. Especially getting a product up and running is so easy, that it feels like a new epoch of computing has arrived. The only thing I dislike so far is that the information and the management of my software subscriptions is spread over two different sites. I hope Amazon fixes that soon.

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